Falling in Love

When I first heard about it was a strange story for me. Her story was different. At that time also she had so many men and women around her., so I was wondering whether she is the right partner for me, because I was also associating with so many men and women. Anyway I thought why not try because the friend who told me about her painted a beautiful picture of hers. So initially it was one sided love. I wrote an email to her, as you know unlike in the past snail mail is no longer in existence. Oh my god! within no time she responded to me. I was over the moon. Then she wanted to meet me asking me to come all the way to Cambodia. Since I am already married to another, it was a difficult task, I told one of my colleagues Dhammika, why don’t you go and see whether she suits me. He readily agreed and went to Cambodia, came back and told me she is a tough lady but very resourceful. He also told me to be careful if you commit you have to keep up to her expectations. Then he gave me some technical thing to do to qualify myself to be her partner, which I couldn’t understand a bit. Oh no I don’t want to go through this hazel to be in love again.!

Then came another email from her, I need you ! MMM how can I now decline her, She want to come to Sri Lanka to see me. No escape now. Ok come to Sri Lanka and I will see you then.

She came we met our love started growing. She is more than what I expected. Not only her but her associates are also wonderful as her. We now meet very often, we talk lots of interesting things, we argue, we show our wisdom over and sometime we also look totally ignorant set of fools. Then she shows us how to fix ourselves. This is something that makes me fall in love with her over and over again.

Her family is also as wonderful as her. They are there whenever we need them,

I also have to tell you that she is sometimes very demanding but you know that’s the nature of the women. So I tolerate and try to make her (and myself) happy. At times I wonder whether her demands are reasonable because as I told you before, I also have to look after my own legitimate family. She is my mistress! I got to choose one of them at times, but I know my heart is always with her because she is one of those who always like to see me and my family achieve the best as professionals.

She has opened her doors saying Log IN but now I know she is very careful in choosing her associates, and I am fortunate to be one of them. !!


FSLGA එකම හඬක්! එකම මගක්! පොදු එකගතාවයක්!


“To be the recognized Voice of the Local Government Authorities in Sri Lanka”


“To Coordinate a unified approach among the Local Authorities, whilst increasing their effective participation, strengthening their functions and capacity to facilitate their joint actions,establishing good relations, through influential representations at forums and gathering, through sharing best practices, and expertise and maintaining linkages and collaborative relations locally, nationally and internationally.”

Message from the Minister of Local Government and Provincial Council

Hon.Janaka Bandara Tennakoon -amp; Minister of Local Government & Provincial Councils 2004-2010

Minister of Local Government & Provincial Councils 2004-2010

The Federation of Sri Lankan Local Government Authorities has been established by the three Associations namely The National Chapter of Mayors, United Urban Councils Association and All Island Pradeshiya Sabha Chairmen’s Association—in order to provide better and proactive services to the people.